Tropical Hibiscus Plant Care

Care of hibiscus plant 

It’s a tropical plant . If you wanna to grow hibiscus in your garden then you get to know how to take care of this plant. It’s flower look like a trumpet. Diameter of this  flowers is 3 to 7 inches its have  stemens also . This tropical  plants  height goes  maximum 10 to 15  feet long, if it’s grown in full sunny area. These flowers are beautiful  but is Blossom only one day.

Light-   All tropical plants needs full sun light. If you  live in warmest place then you placed in semi shade . Hibiscus like warmest places , they bloom more flowers in one day . If you want to grow  hibiscus indoor then you gives full bright light, placed near a window .

Temperature – This plant needs warmest climate. When the temperature  is between 55 degree Fahrenheit to 75 degree Fahrenheit then they grow very well. flowers bloom  much more  . But  temperature goes above from 75 degree Fahrenheit then flowers are not bloomed. If temperature goes below 55 degree Fahrenheit  then leaves turns into yellow color and fall down also.

Soil-  Tropical plants  needs mostly moist soil.  If you grow in container then you can use well drain soil.  You take well drain soil but mulch with dry leaves  because they needs moisture .

Watering- Tropical plants needs a lot of water. Its needs moisture around the plants . Moisture is very important for tropical plants . In summer days you can put a water of bucket near the plants . Sun  evaporated that bucket of water ,your plants not lost the moisture. Give water every morning.

Fertilizer-  It’s needs not too much fertilizer when blooming time of flowers you can give slow realized fertilizer like NPK, DAP  or organic fertilizer . Every month you give liquid fertilizer for best results.

Repotting- When your plants indicates these problems then you can repot your plant . Yellow leaves, buds dropping,  when your plants  two or more years  old then you must be repot it in the large pot.

Mulching – Mulch them with dry leaves it is very necessary because in warmest weather plant need moisture.

Pruning- It’s very important to prune the plant . Pruning help to promote the growth of plant .  You must prune in January season .

Propagation-  If you propagate you hibiscus plant then choose a soft stem . Grow cutting  in late spring with use  rooting harmones. Placed in shady area.







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