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You are in the  right place if you want to grow tomatoes at home healthy or fresh .  If you want to grow easily , then follow these tips. Everybody wants to eat fresh vegetables .Even if you don’t have any  space  or   have a passion  to grow vegetables , then you can grow  them in the containers. We can grow a lot of veggies  in  the containers and there is one  of the vegetables  is tomatoes . so, today i will tell you how to grow tomatoes in the containers .

1. Choose correct containers :First you need to select the pot, it should in  a big size. If the pot gets too big then the root will be developed more. You can also  use fabric  bags instead of  plastic containers .  Pot size should  24 inch in diameters . Nowadays fabric containers are also available  online , so you can also buy those for vegetables gardening . Plastic pots are not good because its provide heat to the roots  you  can use only clay pots or fabric containers . Avoid plastic pots .

2. Select height quality seeds :  You should use  always high quality seeds . Hybrid seeds gives us best fruits . Mostly all  of  the seeds are grown which we sow  .  You can sow the seeds in the seedling tray its easy to maintain  . When its grow 3 to 4 inches then you place  in the pots .


3. location : At least 5 to 6 hours sunlight needs everyday . You can  place all the pots in groups because they can maintain the moisture  level . You can create a humidity around the plants so, they feel better atmosphere . So select those area which plants maintain their moisture or air circulation too.  Sometimes our expectation failed  because of atmosphere, we can’t provide those environment which plant have to need .


4. Soil balance : Potting mix of soil must be well drainage . You can use manure in the potting mix high nutrients required  for vegetables plants . In summers you mulch  top of the soil  . Its help to maintain the moisture all around the plants.


5. Season for seedling : Late spring or early summer  you can sow the seeds . Sow the seeds in the coco peat because its hold the moisture . It is  very soft so  seeds germinate  easily.  Keep in mind when you put the seeds you should maintain the gap 1 inch distance . when all the seed set in position then you cover it with coco peat and spread   a coco peat very thin layer.  You give water with the spry. It is easy if you use germination tray .

6. Transplantation : When seeds will grow 4 to 5  inch tall you can shift in the pot. Center of the pot  you can placed it.

7. Punching: When plant grow 7 to 8 inches long you pinched it from the  tip. Every 5 to 6 inches gap you can  pinched the stem  from the tips  more stems  have more fruits .

8. Fertilizers : Tomatoes needs more phosphorus and nitrogen .  You should give manure  its fulfill of nitrogen .  Gives  liquid fertilizers  in regular basis after 15 to 20 days  gap.  NPK is also best fertilizer  for tomatoes, NPK  have nitrogen , phosphorus or potassium.  Micro or macro nutrients you can also gives .


9. Add supports: Use strings ,trellis, tall stakes, etc. Support is very important  for  tomatoes plants . When fruits size is increasing  day by day they needs supports so you  can tie a strings for a hold . When plant branches grow long you can tie up with the stakes or strings .  Bunches of fruits hold the strings and grow easily.

10.pesticides :  homemade pesticides (Neem oil , Soap spray ,Chilly powder spray etc )

11.harvesting: Harvesting  time  100 to 140 days  from seeds to fruits  developed  . When fruit is ready to harvest cut them with scissor .




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