Some tips for Vegetable Gardening you must know ..

One should know about the following  tips before starting  Vegetable Gardening …..


If you want to get some basics information  about Vegetables Gardening then you are in the right place. If you like gardening then you can do vegetable gardening also. These days, vegetables are getting very expensive. Many people prefer to do grow  veggies at home. As inflation is increasing, so are people grow vegetables at home. People want to eat fresh vegetables.

some tips for vegetables gardening 

Planning is essential – If you plan before , you will not have any further problems in future .If you want to grow good vegetables, then you have to see the location first.

1. Select Right Location :   Select the location where direct  sunlight comes 6 to 7 hours per day.vegetables needs more sunlight . If you are growing salad vegetables then you need less sunlight. Juices Vegetables needs more sunlight, more than 8 hours  sunlight they  needs. or leafy  vegetables need partial sunlight .

2. Best soil :  Vegetables need soft soil in which  they develop their roots very well. They needs well drainage soils . If you are growing under-ground veggies, then you will make soft soil  because when  will you  harvesting, it should be spring out  easily without any breakage .


3 .Use high- Quality seeds :You should always get good quality seeds. Using healthy seeds its  gives  you good vegetables . Hybrid seeds grow easy and fast, most of the seeds grow but without hybrid seeds are not  grow properly .

4. Watering proper  :You should have to give water at the right time. Neither  to be too  gives much  or not to be less . You have to build stability.

5. Air Flow:  Air flow is very important for plants, because if there is no air flow then fungus  infection will occur.

6. Space : If you divide the space into two small columns, then it will be  easy to grow different types of vegetables.Seeds should be placed far and wide.  If you have no more space then you can also use large size containers for grow vegetables .

7.Fertilizers : If you wish, you can give a fertilizer  to  vegetables.Nitrogen and Phosphorus  are main fertilizer of veggies . You can give also macro- micro nutrients   or NPK Fertilizer. Try to give organic manure .

You can grow these veggies at your garden easily :-

Carrot, Green beans , Spinach , Tomatoes , Radish ,Potatoes  etc ….


I have given you the some  basic knowledge. You must  be try vegetable gardening. Grow at home and eat  fresh veggies  everyday.

Thank you to read my post !


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