Bonsai plant care and how to make bonsai …….

How to take  care of   bonsai tree? 

What is Bonsai?

Bonsai plant is that plant which you can place indoor and outdoor both as you wish. Bonsai look like a miniature tree. You can take any type of plant and make as a bonsai it’s depend on you which plant you can take it  . Most of the plants which you use as a bonsai like ficus bonsai, Jade bonsai , Hawaiian umbrella ,desert rose , bougainvillea etc.  Bonsai comes from Japan .  You can give any shape , style to a bonsai .Now a days most of the people have a hobby to grow a bonsai . It’s look very pretty at office and home . If you want to grow bonsai at home then you can select one  variety  from these …..

  1. Desert rose
  2. Bougainvillea
  3. Jade plant
  4. Adenium
  5. Pine plant
  6. Ficus plant
  7. China orange
  8. Tamarind
  9. Neem
  10.  Ficus tiger bark                                           

You can select any one all the bonsai  plant looks   beautiful.

Location – If you can place the bonsai indoor then it’s needs  bright light.  Tube light or window sunlight is enough to bonsai . If you placed outdoor then it’s not need direct sunlight . You can placed it shady area.

Watering – Bonsai tree not need too much water . When you give water first you check the soil  if it dry then you can give the water . You maintain a schedule  to giving water . If you give water as like a other plants then your bonsai get root rot . So you should maintain the balance of water.

Soil –  You need purse soil for bonsai .  Sandy soil absorb water quickly  it’s not hold water a long time .  It is a best soil for bonsai if you include some particle of the stones then they help to maintain the humidity.

Bonsai needs fertilizer-  Its needs  nitrogen , phosphorus , potassium   so, you can give NPK  fertilizer .  These three components are very important to the grow of bonsai tree.

Pruning- When your bonsai look uneven shape then you prune it and maintain it’s shape . Bonsai have not a fix time to pruning.


How to give shape  of branches ?

 1. Take a flexible wire.

 2. Select  branch which to want to give  a shape.

 3. Start warping around the trunk .

 4 . Give the shape it  with the help of wires  as you want .

 5. After 1 year ago you can remove all the warped wires.

You can see as a below picture .

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