10 indoor plants to improve our environment and health

10 Indoor plants to improve our environment :

Indoor plants  are not only to decor the rooms or offices,  it’s also help to improve our environment. Some plants you can placed indoor   they  help to purifying  the air . You should grow these  plants for healthy life . Indoor plants maintain the freshness in our house . They help to  detoxification air  to your room.

There are hundreds of plants in the world but below  12 plants are most common:-

1. Golden pothos

2. Spider plant

3. Boston fern 

4. Peace lily

5. English ivy

6. Aloevera 

7. Snake plant

8. Mass cane

9. Rubber plant

10. Gerbera

11. Bamboo

12. Money plant

These plant have most  powerful air purifier ones you have to buy these plants and get the benefits a long time. Please  grow indoor plants .

These plant help to :-

1. Fight with flu ,cold and illness.

2. Reduce air diseases

3.  Maintain mental health

4. Prevent  from allergy

5.  Air purifier

6. Maintain the room temperature

7. Heal headache

8. Boost  the mood

9. Help to reduce depression

10. Gives energy

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