8 Medical plants keep in your house always


These 8 plants to grow in your home  and get benefits  :-

Basil-   One of the oldest herbs .  Use daily in your life its help to cure skin and your body . Apply oil daily on your face its  help to cure acne .  Its reduce the cholesterol level also .


. Reduce stress                                                                       

.prevent some harmful effect of aging .

. Antibacterial properties

. Improve digestion


Garlic – This plant is great for fighting infection , maintain the cholesterol , loose weight etc. Many benefits if you intake  daily basis .


. Improve degestive system                                                           

. Help in weight loss

.Control BP

. Heart disease


Lavender-    Its that herbs which  can we use many as method like lavender tea, lavender  oil lavender cream etc . Its help to relives in muscles .

. Relives in pain

.Healthy hair or skin

. Cure acne

. Headache

Marigold-  Its flowers are used for infected areas.

. Anti bacterial

. Skin diseases

. Antiseptic properties

. Infection or pain.


Thyme-  Its has anti fungal properties, many people use it for mouthwash.  Its good source of vitamin C , vitamin A , copper iron and manganese.

. Control BP                                                                         

.  Coughs

. Immunity system

.Boost your mood


Sage-  Its help to reduce blood  sugar level .  High level of nutrients are present in sage , minerals and vitamins are also .


. Skin health                                                                         

. Immune system

. Digestive system

. Improve meomory


Rosemary- Its  leaves look like the needle ,  rosemary oil  help to promote the hair growth   when we apply the oil on scalp then blood  circulate fast  . Its help to reduce joint inflammation .


. Promote to hair growth                                         

. Bad breath

. Blood circulation

. Liver health

. reduce stress

Peppermint-  Peppermint  help to prevent  gums in teeth , its prevent from bad breathing also .  Its very easy to grow . Its  used in chewing gums or in tooth paste .

.  Relieves headaches

. Bad breath

. Digestive health

. Muscle pain

. Allergies

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