10 Hacks To Keep Your Garden Every Time Blossom


Some DIY for your  plants.

Banana peels – You  can use banana peel for your plants. It’s rich of calcium , potassium, phosphorus. This fertilizer is best for flower plants.

First Method-Take 1 litre water and soak banana peels  in water, cover it. fermatation. Before 15 to 20 days you can give that water to the plants .Fermatation process take time altleast 20 days . After fermatation you give this water in the plants every month .

Second method – You can cut the  banana peels in to smal pieces then try to dry it properly. After dry peels you convert into fine powder with the help mixer .  Give 2 tablespoon of powder  to every plant  in 1 month .

Rusted nails –  Rusted nails have to much iron so you should also use  nails for your healthy plants.

First method- Take 20 to 30  rusted nails and soak them in the 1 litre of  water. After 24 hours it’s change in brown  color .N ow you can gives to  plants. Rusted nails have more iron  so this liquid gives your plants high iron.

Second method – You should use nails as a direct also . Take rusted nails and put them into the pot  5 to 6 nails put in each pot .  Rusted nails realese their iron slowly slowly.

Trimed Grass –   If you have lawn or when you trim the grass  then don’t throw it you can use as a nutrition for plants. Trim grass  spread  all over the plants they realize the nitorgen  so,  in future your  plant doesn’t have nitrogen deficiency.  It’s also work  like a mulch.

Vegetables leftover – when our fruits or vegetables are leftover then you can use as a fertilizer . Cut them into small pieces  and grind it ,make a fine paste . This paste have many nutrients so you can mix with some water and give to plants within 15 days .

Tea leaves –  Tea leaves have more acids so you can give it’s that plant which loves acidic soil like roses ,crotons, tomatoes money plants etc

First method – When you make a tea  and leftover tea leaves are wasted don’t throw it in  the dustbin you can use as a ferltilizer.  Waste tea leaves rich of nutrition . Wash then leaves with water properly and put them in the soil  .  This water you can also spray on the leaves . It’s have acid so so leaves become shinny.

Second method- You can put direct also . Take tea leaves and mix in the potting soil  properly .

Moringa leaves – This leaves have multivitamins  so you can also give this moringa liquid. You also drink for your healthy body .  Takeoff moringa leaves from tree and boil it in to the water . Boil it 20 to 25 mins when it’s cool put this water  in the soil . They have many micronutrients so  your plants grow healthy. 

Neem leaves  – Dry  neem leaves have antibacterial properties or rich with magnesium , potassium etc  so, you should give neem liquid also.  Boil leaves in the water 20 to 30 mins when it’s cool down you water is prepared  for plants . Egg shells – Shells have  too much calcium  .You can crush it, and spread all over the soil ,mix it properly .

Mustard cake – Mustard cake is  now available online also .you  can  buy it and give to the plants.

First Method – Make a fine powder and give 2 to 3 teaspoon within a 15 days each plant.

Second Method- ¹/2 kg Mustard cake soak  in 2 liters water for 24hrs .  After a day  you give this water to your plants .

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